“End of the project”


Subproject 1




This subproject will focus on the neurobiology of a-synuclein (aSYN) and LRRK2. In particular, we will address:

  1. a-SYN aggregation (WP1-3)
  2. Role of oxidative stress and inflammation in a-SYN-mediated neurodegeneration (WP4)
  3. Physiological and pathological function of the kinase activity of LRRK2 (WP5)
  4. Kinase-unrelated pathological effects of LRRK2 (WP6)
  5. Creation and evaluation of novel rat LRRK2 animal models (WP7)




Workpackage No Work package title Lead Participant No Work Package
1.1 Effects of oligomeric alpha-synuclein on cellular homeostasis University of Aarhus Poul Henning Jensen
1.2 Pathophysiology of secreted a-synuclein species Biomedical Research Foundation of the Acadamy of Athens Leonidas Stefanis
1.3 Identification of factors that influence a-synuclein oligomerization in cell culture and in vivo Instituto de Medicina Molecular Lisbon Tiago Outeiro
1.4 Role of oxidative stress and microglial response in a-synuclein-mediated nigral neurodegeneration Lund University Deniz Kirik
1.5 Examination of the role of LRRK2 in cellular pathways: focus on the kinase activity  Novartis AG Georgio Rovelli
1.6 Beyond kinase activity: Examination of other factors influencing LRRK2 neurotoxicity The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Cambridge David Rubinsztein
1.7 Development of a rat BAC model of LRRK2 University of Tuebingen Olaf Riess